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Shipping address
At our store, we cannot make deliveries to below addresses.

  • Deliveries to a post-office box
  • Deliveries to various forwarding services


Handling time
Max 0 day. For in our store, it is also sold in stores, there is the case that stock of goods expires. Although we are waiting for about 5 business days to the customer at that time. Please wait 4 business days if you buy shafts and flights. Shipping process has not started, you can also cancel online.

Shipping days
Calculating rates and delivery days for international mail.(Japan post site)
Set "Parcel" in No.1 radio button and set "Tokyo" in No.3 select box.

VAT, duty and additional postage
The terms of sale is DDU "duties and taxes unpaid". The price shown does not include such items as VAT, import duty, tax, the additional postage at buyer's country and other unpredicatable charges against middleman and agents. In case of these unexpected charge needed in the due course, these charges should be paid by the customers. For more information regarding your country's custom policies, please contact your local customs office or its agents.    *DDU : Delivered Duty Unpaid

Term of shipping truble
Our store does not compensate our customers for any mishaps (missing or lost items / damages) that occur during delivery. If a customer would like some form of coverage/insurance in the case that a mishap occurs please use EMS. Our store will cover any of the costs associated with the compensation for mishaps if you you select ship by EMS. Please note that you can not get any kind of coverage/insurance with ePacket.

In a case where package was insured, our store will cooperate with you in accordance with the following process.

1)A case where the merchandise has been damaged or part of the merchandise has been lost (there is one barrel less than there should be etc)

  • Please take a picture of all of the merchandise sent to you in its current condition.
  • Please take a picture of the damaged or missing merchandise.
  • Go to your nearest post office and ”damage report" receipt the situation written above. Then, fill out an accident report form.
  • Please send the pictures(s), something describing the damaged condition and the order ID to our store by e-mail (
  • Our store will then send you the same merchandise once again.

2)A case where a package is lost or stolen

  • Go to your nearest post office and report the situation written above. Please go through the routine process of reporting a stolen item in your country.
  • Please tell our store the order ID, the number of a public recognized document such as the stolen property report number by e-mail (
  • Our store will then send you the same merchandise once again.

Shipping cost.
In addition to the product, a weight of 130 grams in packaging will be added.
EMS shipping and zone table.
ePacket information.
ePacket fee and zone table. All unit are JPY.

  ePacket Asia ePacket Oceania North Central America Europe ePacket South America Africa
150g 630 710 790
200g 680 785 895
250g 730 860 1,000
300g 780 935 1,105
400g 880 1,085 1,315
500g 980 1,235 1,525
600g 1,080 1,385 1,735
700g 1,180 1,535 1,945
800g 1,280 1,685 2,155
900g 1,380 1,835 2,365
1,000g 1,480 1,985 2,575
1.25kg 1,700 2,255 2,945
1.5kg 1,920 2,525 3,315
1.75kg 2,140 2,795 3,685
2.0kg 2,360 3,065 4,055