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Return policy

Return policy
At first, Color tone of the real product, please note that there is a difference depending on the monitor and photographic technology.
We do not accept the return of goods, the exchange.

About defective product
At first, please contact to us. Then please return the defective product. We return new product or repay price of goods or change same goods. We pay return shipping cost.

About the damage of expendable supplies:
We are afraid virtually no darts shop accepts replacements of expendable items for any reason, which includes broken shafts and such. This is the same with our shop as well. The very act of throwing means inflicting damage to an object, and causes wear to the item. The same applies to falling. How something was thrown and fell causes different degree of damages; in unfortunate cases things may break very soon after the purchase. If there was a structural flaw in a product or defects in a production lot, such an incident would cause uproar in Japan and the manufacturer would deal with the issue very quickly. Preferences of tip characteristics differ from customer to customer, so we cannot make a sweeping recommendation.

There had been a case of a well-known darts player throwing a metal shaft from a major manufacturer and having that bend in one throw. The player was furious and demanded the manufacturer for a replacement, but even to such an influential player, replacement was not given.
This is an example showing the stance taken by darts distributors towards expendable items in the world of darts. We wish we could agree to replacements or returns, but since the stance of manufacturers is as stated above, we cannot survive as a business if we agree to replacements. We would really appreciate it if you could understand our situation.