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Import introduction

Afraid of buying things from Japan? Why? That’s because “you don’t know.”
English is used at our shop, but you almost don’t need English for shopping. The process is exactly the same as doing online shopping in your country.
Only two things are different.

1.Sometimes customs duties or VAT,GST need to be paid in addition.
2.Using EMS (Express Mail Service) is recommended for shipment, but some express fee is needed for certain countries (currently we think this only applies to UK)

So you need to check two things first.
1.Ask Customs Service how much customs duties have to be paid for importing darts from Japan.
2.Find out from a post office if any express fee is required. (Click here for inquiries at various countries)
Once those things are checked, you can buy high quality darts and darts accessories anytime at low cost. Customs duties and express fee are paid to the delivery person.

Are you afraid of troubles? No need to worry.
1.Please specify EMS for shipping method. Our shop will pay the insurance for your package. You will not bear the risk of your package being damaged or lost.
(If any trouble actually happens, click here)
2.Use PayPal for payments. Even if anything goes wrong, PayPal will act as a go-between for you and our shop in your own language.
Now, come and find your favorites from many darts items in our shop!