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Please tell me the tracking number.
Due to the relationship between our store and the Japan Post system, tracking numbers are produced only after packaging and the exact weight of the package has been determined. It is not possible to provide a tracking number in advance.
After your parcel has been shipped, our system will send you an email containing the tracking number. 

I received a product different from the one that I ordered. What do I do now?
Please send pictures of the package of the product received, and of the bar code stuck on the package to We will tend to the matter immediately.

Where can I find the parcel tracking information?
Please visit Japan post office site. (English)

How many days should I expect the delivery take?
Please visit Japan post office site. (English)
Select the "Parcel" in number 1, and then select "Tokyo" in number 3.

When will the item arrive?
We are unable to give you a definite answer.
Items from our shop are shipped using different shipping methods and Japan has one of the best top-class service in terms of delivery speed.
However, the custom inspection sometimes takes some time for destination countries with strict anti-terror measures in place. Some countries also do not conduct custom inspections on weekends. Even after inspections are done, we sometimes are not able to know how many more days it will take for the item to arrive based on the delivery status.
The number of days to delivery, listed on the above FAQ on this site, refers to the minimum number of days under the assumption that everything goes smoothly. Please note that delays might occur for politically unstable destinations.

When will you be able to re-stock items that are currently unavailable?
We are unable to give a definite date. Our manufacturers do not provide us the supply at fixed timings so we are unable to advise when will be the re-stock date for unavailable items.

My parcel stay in Japan long time. Why?
A parcel will certainly be dispatched from Japan within two days after the tracking information is updated to be “Dispatch from outward office of exchange”. Depending on the destination country, there may be delays due to the implementation of customs inspections in Japan for counter-terrorism purposes. if you choose shipping way by ePacket (ePacket = registered AIR parcel). However, it will take 10-14 days for the tracking information to be updated even when the parcel arrives in the destination country.Depending upon the country of destination, tracking information may be omitted. In this case no information can be obtained on the Japanese side. I understand that it may be unnerving, but please wait until it arrives.
In addition, after the tracking status is “Dispatch from outward office of exchange”, please contact us if 7 days pass without arrival in the case of EMS or if 14 days pass without arrival in the case of ePacket. We will make a request to an international post office by inquiring about the parcel in a fax to the destination country. If there is an urgent issue we will receive a swift reply, but if the parcel is still in transit it may take as long as one week to receive a reply.
Generally with parcels sent from Japan, the reason for the parcel not arriving is due to a faulty delivery system in the destination country.  Please inquire at a nearby post office, as the information we can obtain is limited.

There is a difference between the amount at the time of ordering, and the amount that was actually paid. Why is this?
For currencies other than yen, at our store they are calculated by obtaining current traded currency exchange rate from Google. This exchange rate is TTM so an exchange fee is separately charged, which depends on the payment method used by you. This is not something our store is charging, but a cost that is charged by PayPal or settlement companies of your Credit/Debit Cards.
(Currently in development: Incidentally, when the currency you are using becomes available for payment, our store will charge an exchange fee at the time of ordering. Using this payment method, there will not be any difference between the amount at the time of ordering and the amount that is actually paid)

I am afraid is to shop from overseas.
We understand your mind. But your payments via PayPal. You can request payback to PayPal in your language if parcel will not arrive. In this case, PayPal will force refund money from our shop account.

I made a mistake with my shipping address. Can I amend this?
Yes, if this is before the shipment is sent out; no, if the goods have already been shipped out. Some are apparently told by a clerk at the window that “This is possible if the sender makes a request,” but this is not possible with international shipments.

Please mark gift as no customs will be necessary.(or reduce invoice value under **)
We understand your mind. In our company, it is forbidden to prepare unjust documents in compliance. We do not mark merchandise values below value or mark items as "gifts" – International government regulations prohibit such behavior.

Does an order of shafts or flights include 3 units?
Yes, it does. Some sets include more than 4. Amounts are stated on the product page, so please use it as a reference.

For customers using debit cards:
There are absolutely no refunds on any missing items in the case of debit card usage. Please make sure to sign up for a PayPal account and pay via PayPal.
We do all refunds and compensation for issues via PayPal payments.

About wholesale:
We do not handle wholesale transactions.